Plastic Pyrolysis Plant With Capacity 10 T/D

The whole system of 10T waste plastic pyrolysis equipment uses micro negative pressure to maximum limit solve the dioxin emission, which is a worldwide difficult problem, thoroughly realize the garbage disposal harmless. This equipment adopts dynamic sea, independently developed by our company, in order to solve seal leakage which is caused by cold and heat expansion in the process as well vibration in operation process, and then greatly improves the safety coefficient in production process. Meanwhile, we can provide special catalyst according to different requirement of customers. The catalyst can decrease the sulfur content and density and solidifying point, improve the smell and color, remove the impurity of the fuel oil, and increase the oil yield rate.

The features of pyrolysis machine for 10T waste plastic recycling

1.With an auto welding machine for the reactor, it can not only greatly improve working efficiency of pyrolysis plant, but also guarantee the quality of welding seam, thus avoid explosion caused by gas leak

2.Equipped with latest heating system, combined hot smoke heating and fire directly heating to increase heating efficiency to 20% and save energy to15-20%

3.It is dangerous to burn exhaust gas (C1 to C4) without any safety measures. In our pyrolysis plant, it is transferred first through the safety device and a safety burning air muzzle. Before burning, we should ensure the safety of production

Data BLJ-10
Raw material Waste tires,plastics,rubber,oil sludge
Daily capacity 10 MT
Working method Batch
Operating pressure Constant pressure
Reactor rotate speed 0.4 turn/minute
Total power 30 kw/h
Reactor size D2.8*L6.2 m
Space for machine(L*W*H) 25*15*10 m