Plastic waste

umping of plastic waste in front of the ancient rock-cut temples at Tirumayam fort has been an eye-sore to the residents, tourists and pilgrims. A number of foreigners visit the … More

New plastics recycling specs published

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries announced today that nine new plastics specifications have been published in the Scrap Specifications Circular, after approval by the ISRI plastics division and board … More

How cutting oil out of plastics could save planet

Produced by everything from cattle and swamps to humans, methane is the second biggest contributor to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions after carbon dioxide.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency … More

India to soon get fuel from plastic

India will soon be able to convert its plastic wastes into high-grade petrol and diesel, thanks to a breakthrough by researchers at Dehradun-based Indian Institute of Petroleum.

The IIP, a … More

Pilot tests plastic waste to energy potential

Every day, Americans generate more than 4 lb of waste per person, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Despite the proliferation of recycling programs during the past three decades, more … More