Plastic waste

umping of plastic waste in front of the ancient rock-cut temples at Tirumayam fort has been an eye-sore to the residents, tourists and pilgrims. A number of foreigners visit the fort to get a glimpse of the marvellous sculptures at the temples dedicated to Sri Tirumeyyar and Sri Sathyagiriswarar. A number of houses had been constructed in the vicinity of the fort and dumping of garbage has been causing a health hazard. Mosquito menace has been a major problem. I request the authorities to take action for regular cleaning of the plastic wastes and garbage.


Youngsters cling to the footboard of overcrowded buses. It is disheartening to note that the government has not taken any step to curb this practice. Youth do not listen to the advice of the crew. The government should take action before precious lives are lost.


Legislation similar to Factories Act needs to be enacted for religious establishments for the benefit of employees. Employees in religious establishments do not have fixed hours of work, minimum wages, compensation, medical benefits or national holidays.


Road accidents have become quite common nowadays and many lose their lives for no fault of theirs. The authorities concerned do not bother about consequences of an accident. It is unfortunate to see that action is taken only after a life is lost.


Though petrol and diesel prices have come down due to slump in crude oil prices in the global market, the government has not reduced the bus fare. Fare in express buses is heavy. It forces poor people to wait for a private bus. The government should bring down the fare.


As shopkeepers occupy a major part of the road space near Selvam Theatre and vehicles are parked in front of these shops, it is difficult for motorists to drive during peak hours. The authorities concerned should take necessary steps to clear the traffic on this main route.


There would be no education without personal contact with teacher.

Education, which does not help people to face life courageously, does not develop patriotism or ignite creative thinking. Higher education should pave the way for an enlightened life.


Customers have to sit on the verandah of Kumbakonam East Post Office and fill postal forms. It would be helpful if a desk cum bench is provided.


Residents of Kumbakonam get uninterrupted power supply for the past 15 days. They are happy. The TANGEDCO should maintain this situation throughout the year.


Though individuals driving cars have to wear seat belts, it is seldom followed. Nobody is made liable to pay a penalty as per Section 177 of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, for not wearing seat belts. I appeal to the authorities to take stringent action against those who violate the law.


The by-poll in Srirangam revealed the popularity of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa once again. ‘Traffic’ Ramaswamy, who contested as an independent, obtained the largest number of votes among all the 22 independents.

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