Customers from Singapore Interested in Beston BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant

Last week, a group of customers from Singapore visited Beston’s factory to see the BLJ-10 batch-typed plastic pyrolysis plant. The factory’s director, sales manager and sales consultant received them warmly and accompanied them to visit the whole production line of Beston’s pyrolysis equipment.

Pyrolysis Plant in Singapore
Singaporean Customers Visited Beston Pyrolysis Plant Factory

The customers have visited many similar manufacturers before they came to us. They also visited those in India, where, in fact, they could get a much lower price of the plant. But they finally chose to visit us again because they said they were impressed deeply by our “Three-in-One Oil Discharging System”.

Beston Pyrolysis Plant in Singapore
Beston Engineer Explained Working Principles of Pyrolysis Plant

According to this, the reception team showed the system to the customers and explained the working principles of it carefully. Different from the older version of the pyrolysis plant for sale in Beston, the three-in-one discharging system integrates oil gas generation, condensing and liquefaction together into a whole part. Compared with the old version, this kind of design makes delivery and assembling much easier and also save a lot of space for the customers.

The Singaporean customers liked this new designs very much and showed great interests in our pyrolysis plants. They intended to use the plant to dispose of plastic waste in their place, therefore, they said they will mail us some samples of the plastic waste to do the test for the oil yield and oil quality.

Plastic Pyrolysis Plant for Sale in Singapore
The Customers Showed Great Interests in Beston Products

Finally, they got the know much better of the manufacturing techniques of Beston and spoke highly of our strict management and rigorous attitude of research. We both look forward to a future and further cooperation. If you are also interested in the plastic recycling plant, you can leave your message to us freely.

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