Beston BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant in the UK

Since the end of July 2018, the assembling of Beston BLJ-16 tyre pyrolysis plant in the UK has gone smoothly. The ground re-stabilization for the pyrolysis reactor is just finished and all other parts will be assembled piece by piece carefully by the workers under the guidance of Beston engineers.

Beston BLL-16 Pyrolysis Plant Assembled in the UK

After all the parts of the BLL-16 pyrolysis plant arrived in the UK last month, Beston’s engineering team also arrived. They are responsible for helping the workers of the customer with the preparation project and assembling process.

They will also give the professional training to the local workers and operators about the operation skills. Besides, they will continue helping the customer with the commissioning period to see if there’s any errors or bugs during the operation.

The BLL-16 is a semi-continuous pyrolysis plant which has a higher daily capacity and adopts the auto screw feeding system to make sure a higher output and higher working efficiency. Comparing with the small pyrolysis recycling plant, the cost of it may be higher, but the profits you can get from the final products: the fuel oil and carbon black, will also be doubled.

The UK customers have a large number of used tyres to dispose of, therefore, choosing BLL-16 is a wise action. Because of the moderate price and the high capacity, this kind of pyrolysis plant starts to draw more attention from customers. If you are happened to have a large number of waste tyres or plastic to dispose of and you are not going to spend too much money on this investment, Beston BLL-16 pyrolysis equipment will also be a wise choice for you.

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