Sophisticated Pyrolysis Technologies Are Available For Plastic Waste Management

Plastic Pyrolysis Equipment

As the plastic waste segregation is difficult it is essential to have novel technologies for plastic waste disposal. Today, sophisticated technologies are available for plastic waste management. Pyrolysis is one such technique used not only for waste disposal but to produce useful products like industrial diesel, gaseous fuel, carbon black etc. And plastic pyrolysis plant project report discusses the pyrolysis of waste plastics into useful gaseous and liquid fuels along with carbon black.

Plastic Pyrolysis Equipment
Beston Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Equipment

Pyrolysis of waste plastics

Pyrolysis is the thermal degradation of waste in an oxygen-starved environment in which the oxygen content is low for gasification to take place. Pyrolysis liquefaction is a non-combustion heat treatment that catalytically decomposes waste material by applying heat, directly or indirectly to the waste material in an oxygen free environment. It is an endothermic reaction which requires an input of energy that is typically applied indirectly through the walls of the reactor in which the waste material is fed into. Pyrolysis liquefaction occurs under pressure and at operating temperatures above 430 degrees.


After collecting waste plastic material it will be graded to uniform size using shredder and cutter. The graded feed will be mixed with catalyst and fed into reactor with suitable catalyst and will be heated to 400-500 degrees at atmospheric pressure in presence of catalyst plastic will change into hydrocarbon. The gases hydrocarbon shall be condensed and separated into liquid and gaseous streams.


(1)Problem of disposal of waste plastic will be solved.

(2)Waste plastic will be converted into high value fuels.

(3)Environmental pollution is controlled.

(4)Industrial and automobile fuel requirement shall be fulfilled to some extent at lower price.

(5)No pollutants will be created during cracking of plastics.

(6)The crude oil and the gas can be used for generation of electricity.