The Conversion From Waste Plastics To Clean Liquid Fuels

The Conversion From Waste Plastics To Clean Liquid Fuels

There are different types of waste plastic to liquid fuels equipment, BZJ series and BZL series. The main raw materials of distillation machine are waste fuel oil, used engine oil and waste washing oil, pump the raw oil to heat reactor, and the liquid oil will become oil gas, oil gas from reactor has already been purified by distillation tower before it gets into condensers and liquefied in to light fuel oil, this kind of oil will be piped into deep purifying system with acidity and alkaline cleaning device as well as pressure filtering system. Then we will get qualified diesel oil that can be used in engine and generators.

Features of waste plastics distillation machine:

1.Unique technology for increasing the oil output , the oil yield is not less than 90% when the water by extraction is less than 5%

2.We are good at reducing the sulfur, cloud point and color of the oil, which can be provided separately with additional cost.

3.The heating system adopts hot air heating technology, which improves the safety performance of production and heating efficiency.

4.The release of pressure during the production dramatically increases the output within certain time and meanwhile improves the quality of oil from waste engine oil distillation machine.

Model BZJ-06 BZJ-10
Capacity 6T/D 10T/D
Oil Yield 5.1T/D 8.5T/D
Working Method Batch
Raw Materials Crude oil, waste oil, fuel oil, used engine oil
Heating Materials Oil, LPG, natural gas, wood, coal, etc.
Power 20KW 36KW
Structural Form Vertical
Cooling Method Water cooling
Operating Pressure Normal and Vacuum
Service Life 5-8 years

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