What Exactly Is A Fair Price For Any Charcoal Making Machine?

Starting a charcoal making industry is not something you need to do overnight. You have to select the right equipment making a few important business decisions first. While you are ready to buy a charcoal making machine, the first questions that can arrived at your mind is, exactly what is a fair price for your machine?

This is where our discussion is going to obtain a little difficult. We must first evaluate which form of charcoal you wish to produce and what raw materials you might use. Can you produce charcoal briquettes? Were you about to sell charcoal dust for usage as activated charcoal? Will you use sawdust, coconut shells, bamboo or some other method of biomass to create your charcoal?

Shipment of Charcoal Making Machine
Shipment of Charcoal Making Machine

Let’s start by talking about a machine to make your selection of biomass into raw charcoal. These machines burn, or convert, your biomass into charcoal using intense heat. They produce charcoal that has no predetermined size or shape, so is not really ready available for purchase. Machines of this type ranges in price from approximately $18,000 USD to just about $500,000 USD.

How come there this type of wide variation in prices? It is caused by the amount of charcoal the machines can produce. An $18,000 unit will be much smaller in proportions and provide low volumes of charcoal. It is usually perfect for a small business who is producing charcoal for local customers. The greater units are utilized by manufacturing plants who produce huge amounts of charcoal and distribute their products and services.

This particular one piece of charcoal making equipment will not be enough to put you in the charcoal making business. You need to be able to convert the raw charcoal into other styles for sale. This can be done with one of three types of machines. Let’s discuss each briefly.

A molding machine allows you to form charcoal into a variety of smaller shapes. The pieces can also include holes. A pressure ball machine is utilized to help make the sorts of charcoal most frequently used in the us for outdoor grilling. The very last machine is definitely the briquette machine. It forms the charcoal into extruded shapes that you can use for numerous types of purposes.

These additional pieces or equipment ranges in price from around $1,000 to over $5,000. This depends on the kinds of charcoal pieces you wish to produce and also the volume you need to make per day.

From the things you have just seen, you are able to potentially start your charcoal making business for less than $25,000 for any lower production shop, or it could cost well over $200,000 for higher production shops.

The best way to determine an exact cost to meet your needs is always to contact a company who makes charcoal making equipment. They will likely tune in to your needs, your small business plans, and then recommend the device essential to suit your needs. Make sure you inform them what forms of raw materials you will be using, for them to provide the best recommendation. Getting started in the charcoal business is probably not cheap, but it is a business that will continue to have high-demand year-after-year.