Semi-automatic Tyre Pyrolysis Plant In Brazil

semi-automatic-tire pyrolysis plant in Brazil

In July 2015, our semi-automatic tire pyrolysis plant was successfully installed in Brazil. During the installation, our technicians and engineers were sent there to help guiding the installation, testing the plant and training their workers.

semi-automatic-tire pyrolysis plant in Brazil
BLL-16 semi-automatic tire pyrolysis plant in Brazil

Considering the reactor size and using life of BLL-16 semi-automatic tyre pyrolysis plant, 20tons raw materials can’t be put into the pyrolysis reactor one time. To ensure the safety and highest efficency, the working form set of semi-automatic tyre pyrolysis plant as follows:

1)Feeding (5tons,1 hour)–Processing(7 hours)– 2)Feeding(5tons,1 hour)–Processing(5hours)–Discharging(3 hours)– 3)Feeding(5tons, 1hour)–Processing(5 hours)–Discharging(1 hour)