How To Profit From Carbon Black

BMF-20 carbon black processing machine

A company that has access to a substantial number of tires might want to consider using pyrolysis to create fuel for their company, or simply make a profit. Another byproduct of the pyrolysis process is carbon black, something that can be also referred to as bio carbon. When the plastic or rubber is put through a pyrolysis machine, is introduced to a substantial amount of heat. When this occurs, it breaks down, and because there is no oxygen in the pyrolysis chamber, it simply divides up into these components. Here is how you can profit from carbon black from tyre pyrolysis and why this might be a good business model for your company.

Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

What Is Carbon Black?

This is the residue that is typically left over from a combustion process that has not actually been completed. The reason that it has not completed is that there is an absence of oxygen and that is exactly what has happened with the pyrolysis process. Carbon black can be used in many different applications and can be sold to companies that need this substance. It can be used for fertilizer, and in certain cases that can also be used for charcoal. It is possible to find vendors that will be very interested in this material that will pay top dollar for carbon black that is pure. If you have a substantial number of tyres that you can put through this process, you should be able to make quite a bit of money from doing nothing but processing rubber tyres.

Carbon Black
Carbon Black

What Is It Used For?

One of the most common products that it actually helps create is called biochar. It is very similar to the small square briquettes that are used for cooking barbecues. This material is actually used for furnaces and it burns very nice, prompting many people to prefer the biochar created by the pyrolysis process, especially that which comes from rubber tyres. What you will want to do is also sell off the other byproducts that will be created which will include biofuel. This is a product that can compete very nicely with diesel, and is actually preferred by many professionals like farmers to run their tractors.

How To Get A Pyrolysis Plant

The way that you can get a pyrolysis plant sent your facility is to first inquire about the price from one of the many companies you can find that produce these plants. Top companies may be in India, China, or at some other location. You should also consider their reputation. Many of the Asian companies are considered to be top-notch because of their prices and also the quality of their pyrolysis machines and factories. You will be able to get a fair deal from these businesses that are experts in this industry, and you will be able to make a good income from selling the byproducts of this process.


Carbon black from waste tyre pyrolysis could very well make you a substantial amount of cash this year. If you have been wondering what to do with an enormous stockpile of old tyres, this is the most environmentally sound way to get through the mall. You may also have access to many more from businesses such as mechanics that are getting rid of them all of the time. Simply inquire about the price, and if that’s agreeable, have them send it over to your location as soon as possible so that you can get started making carbon black for local or regional customers.