4 Parts of an Egg Tray Machine That Affect its Price

An egg tray machine has four crucial parts that determine its final price: pulp making unit, molding system, drying line, and packing system. Most people want to compare the egg tray making machine price before buying one, but it’s important to know on what basis you should compare them.

Almost every manufacturer claims that the machines they sell are the best in the business, but it’s wise to verify whether they are the leading brand or not. If you are not sure how to compare the prices of different egg tray machines, here’s a guide that can help.

Beston Offered Fair Paper Egg Tray Machine Cost to Russian Customer
Beston Offered Fair Paper Egg Tray Machine Cost to Russian Customer

Pulp making unit

The egg tray machine uses waste paper to make egg trays. This waste paper first goes into the seedling tray manufacturing machine where it gets mashed with a hydraulic pulper. The machine uses water to make a thick pate that needs to pass through the pulp beater to avoid lumps. This pulp making unit also contains a concentration chamber where the consistency of the pulp gets tested. Fully automatic machines ensure that the concentration chamber has a high-quality paste ready to enter the molding system. The pulp then flows into a formation pool that sends a small amount of pulp into the molding system to give shape to the trays.

Molding System

The molding system decides how the egg trays will look. You may get a couple of molds at the time of buying the egg tray machine. Some of the most common types of trays that you see in the market are 4 piece, 6 piece, 8 piece, 12 piece, and 30 piece trays. You can buy additional molds depending on the type of trays that your customers demand.

This unit contains a vacuum pump that absorbs the pulp sent from the concentration chamber and gives them shape according to the mold you are using. Once the vacuum pump provides shape to the tray, an air compressor blows the mold to create suction pressure to send the tray into the egg tray dryer machine.

Drying Line

Different machines have different types of drying lines, thus affecting the final prices. A manual egg tray making machine doesn’t have a drying line. You either need to buy it separately or dry the egg trays under the sun. Semi-automatic machines usually come with an automatic conveyor dryer that can dry nearly 2000 trays in an hour. However, the best drying line is an automatic metal dryer found in fully automatic egg tray machines. They can dry over 3000 trays in an hour.

Indian Customers Got Competitive Egg Tray Making Machine Price from Beston
Indian Customers Got Competitive Egg Tray Making Machine Price from Beston

Packing System

Some egg tray machines have an in-built packing system that stacks the number of egg trays you want in one carton. For example, if you want to make sets of 20 egg trays, you can set the packing system accordingly. This facility is available in fully automatic egg tray machines. The prices of these machines are more than manual or semi-automatic machines because of the wide range of features available.

While comparing brand value is one way to determine whether an egg tray machine will be good or not, it’s wise to check out the other aspects of the paper pulp egg tray machine to ensure you are buying something that’s worth every penny.