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Rubber Powder Machine

If you want to try a new method to recycle waste tires, we have rubber powder machines for sale. This machine can process the waste tires into rubber powder, whose size is between 30 mesh to 200 mesh. And the whole rubber powder production line consists of the following parts: tyre wire puller, tire cutting machine, tire shredder, belt conveyor, coarse crusher, superfine rubber mill, screw conveyor, fiber separator, rubber powder classifier, and rubber vibrating magnetic separator. All those parts works together to make this machine run smoothly. The functions of the parts are as follows:

rubber powder production line

1. Tyre wire puller

BG hydraulic tire single hook wire drawing machine is an equipment completely pulled out the steel wire of the bead in once. Its purpose is convenient to the after crushing and cutting. It mainly consists of motor pumps, hook, cross plate, body frame, oil cylinder , hydraulic station. Control handle, guide wheel.

tyre wire puller
Tyre Wire Puller

Model: 1200

Capacity: 30-60 (Article / h)

Size of waste tyre: ≤ Ø1200 mm

Power:7.5 KW

Operating pressure: 15T

Cylinder stroke: 3150*750*1400mm

Weight: 1.6T

2. Tire cutting machine

Tyre cutting machine is only used to cut whole tire if its diameter is larger than 1200 mm. If size of tire is less than 1200 mm, it will not need this step.

Tire Cutting Machine
Tire cutting machine

Model: J-3000 Tire Cutting Machine

Capacity: 60(Article/H)

Processing tires: ≤ Ø3000 mm

Power: 18.5 KW

Working pressure: 380 T

Weight: 25 T

3. Tire crusher

BG Tire Crusher is used to crush tire chips in ambient process. It mainly consists of lifting device, power system, crush blade, screen institution. The advantages of tire crusher have compact structure, reasonable layout, easy installation and maintenance.

Tyre Crusher
Tyre Crusher
Model:900,1200 Tyre Crusher

Capacity:2 T/H,4 T/H

Processing tires:≤ Ø900 mm,≤ Ø1200 mm

Product specification:50×50 mm,50×50 mm

Power:20*2+1.5+0.5 KW,45*2+1.5+1.5 KW

Appearance of size:2000*2500*2800mm,4000*3400*3700mm


4. Belt Conveyor

BG belt conveyor is a line to connect the front and rear so that it can work continuously process equipment, designed specifically for transporting the entire tire, delivery of the rubber blokes and broken rubber block after cutting. Its components include: motor , reducer, flat conveyor belt, roller, rack, baffles,casters.

Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor

Model: D-13000

Capacity: 0.1-10 ton/h (can be adjusted)

Conveying length & height: 4-10 m,1-5 m

Conveying width: 500-1300 mm

Conveying speed: 10-30 m/min

Power: 1.1-3KW

Weight: 1.6T

5. Coarse Crush Machine 

BG coarse crush machine is our company R&D to solve various materials primary crush. It mainly used to make the big grain or lump smash into small grain.

Coarse Crusher
Coarse Crusher

Model: CS-1000

Capacity: 800-1600 (kg/h)

Feeding size of rubber: 50*50 mm

Size of products: 2-15 mm

Power: 37 KW/h

Appearance of size: 2000*1800*2500mm

Weight: 2T


The machine is patent certification, it’s suitable for coarse grinding process of various rubbers, plastic, chemical industry, herbal medical.

The machine tools are made of special alloy steel after special hardness treatment, wear-proof.

The power blade adopts removal blade, so that one piece blade can used four times, it more durable than average blades.

The device is formed by rotating blade and fix blade crushes all kind of material, the resulting finished grains are control by screener. Exchanging different size screener get you required finished grains.

The machine covers small area, high energy consumption, creating simple, easy maintenance.

6. Superfine Rubber Mill

This machine can process the rubber block into smaller granules with 2-3 mm.

Superfine Rubber Mill
Superfine Rubber Mill

Model: XS-300 Fine crusher

Capacity: 1.5-2.5(kg/h)

Feeding size of rubber: ≤20mm

Size of products: 2-3 mm

Power: 30KW

Appearance of size: 1400*1100*1900mm

Weight: 2T

7. Screw Conveyor

BG Screw Conveyor is a pipeline transportation equipment connected between each device.

Conveying assembly line, and used to achieve the separate of powers or grains, it mainly consists of electromotor, reducer, convey material pipe, screw axis, bunker, body frame, observation windows, dowsing motor, dosing rotary value, and outlet.

screw conveyor

Model: LS-70 Screw Conveyor

Capacity: 0.5-1.5 (t/h) (can be adjusted)

Length: 3-8m

Speed: 60m/min

Power: 1.1-3 KW

Weight: 0.8T

8. Coarse Fiber Separating Machine

BG coarse fiber separating machine is an excellent performance of air separation equipment, After rubbing and cutting machine grinding ,the particles mixed in fiber will be separation, to improve the purity of particles , so that the next process to produce high quality Rubber powder, its main components include: suction outlet, adjusting throttle, hoses, fans, the rackcyclone separator and so on.

Fiber Separator

Model: CXF-70 Fiber Separator

Capacity: 0.4-1 (t/h)

Raw material: rubber granules, fiber

Power: 7.5KW

Quantity of exhaust inlet: 2

Weight: 1.5T

9. Rubber Power Classifier

BG rubber power classifier utilizes high speed air current to fluidize powder materials in sealed environment, under negative air pressure, light and heavy powders will be set apart, in this way to grade different size of rubber powders.it mainly consist frequency conversion motor, V belt pulley, feeding pipe, bearing bracket, rotor, big impeller, small impeller, adjusting plate, disperse plate, rotary valve, etc.

Rubber Powder Classifier

Model: FJ-1000 Rubber Powder Classifier

Capacity: 0.3-0.8(t/h)

Speed of main shaft: 15-1200 r/min

Granularity: 15-150 Mesh

Power: 7.5+1.1 KW

Efficiency: 98%

Weight: 1.3T

10. Vibration& Magnetic Separator Machine

BG Vibration& Magnetic Separator Machine is mainly used for sieving of the rubber particles, with a compact, small size, no dust, low noise, low energy consumption, easy movement and maintenance.

Structural principleVibrating rack is connected with screen box, it can generated swing back and forth by the Vibration motor driven oscillating mechanism, one-time screening material if two or three to achieve the requirements of the products.

Rubber Vibrating Magnetic Separator
Rubber Vibrating Magnetic Separator

Model: CS-1000

Capacity: 0.5-1 (t/h)

Granularity: 10-150 Mesh

Power: 0.55 KW

Efficiency of iron removal: 99%

Height: 100-200 mm

Weight: 1.3T

The Use of Rubber Powder from Waste Tyres:

1. It can be the raw material for making damping cushion.

2. It can be used to make auto parts.

3. It is a necessary part in other rubber products, such as rubber carpet, rubber ground mat and rubber runway.

4. It can also be the raw material for making soles.

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