Plastic Waste Recycling By The Pyrolysis Oil Plant

Looking at the current scenario where every natural resource is scare and the natural elements are being polluted, we really need to get together and work for the betterment of the society. Only then it will be possible to have an environment worth sustaining lives. Many things like paper, plastic and mixed waste are being recycled today with a view to eradicate the problems pertaining to pollution. However, even the waste rubber is being recycled by way of pyrolysis process in waste rubber pyrolysis oil plant which has greatly contributed in controlling pollution to a greater extent.

Plastic Waste Recycling Technology

Plastic Waste Recycling Pyrolysis Technology

Pyrolysis is a process by which heavy material waste is turned into safely disposable ones by way of combustion. Due the pyrolysis process, rubber is combusted in the absence of air and the broken rubber molecules are converted into fuel that can be further used as energy. This process is very much famous since ancient days where chemicals extracted from wood were converted into biomass energy and charcoal but those added to the air pollution and thereby created a threat for a healthy lifestyle.

Pyrolysis in one of the best techniques in waste rubber pyrolysis plant where the waste is being converted into biodegradable waste and it also decreases carbon-di-oxide atmospheric concentrations. The process doesn’t give out much of the residual waste and the entire raw material is converted into liquid fuel which can further be used in industries, transportation, storage, production and for many such purposes.

Continuous Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

Continuous Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

This process doesn’t emit pollutants that are capable of polluting the environment and it yield high amount of energy from the raw material being re-cycled. Be it rubber, rubber waste, electronic scrap and other multi-layered mix waste, all these are combusted during the pyrolysis process in the absence of air and the end products extracted from it are re-used further. As very less oxygen is involved in the process, it leads to lesser emission of pollutants which is not possible for any other process to control the damage to such extent.

With the increased level of efficiency by which the waste is re-cycled, pyrolysis not only is a boon for the environment but it also helps us to get rid of the useless waste and bring out something that can be used further for various productive purposes. If this process is followed by every country, then we will surely have a better environment to live in.

output rate of waste plastic pyrolysis products

output rate of waste plastic pyrolysis products

Advanced technology enables safety in waste rubber pyrolysis plant along with flexibility in operation and profitability. Energy derived from the waste plastic recycling is used for the operations of the plant and hence it can be considered as energy self-sufficient. External fuel is not used for heating purposes as well. The quality of pyrolysis oil from plastic waste can be improved with the latest oil refining technology.


Industrial and household plastic wastes can be passed through waste rubber pyrolysis plant for recycling, which can be considered as a major advantage of the process. Plastic mixtures of Poly-Propylene, Poly-Ethylene and Poly-Styrene can be recycled through this process. Another highlighted feature of waste rubber pyrolysis plant is its low maintenance and running cost. The concept behind the process can be said to be revolutionary in the sense that it is completely environmental friendly. No pollutants are generated from plastic waste as the entire process is carried out in a closed environment.