Plastic Scrap Recycling Machine

Plastic Scrap Recycling Machine

In order to effectively recycling waste plastics and turn them into available resources, we have designed the plastic scrap recycling pyrolysis machine. This kind of machine adopts the advanced pyrolysis technology, scrap plastics can be turned into pyrolysis oil and carbon black under certain conditions.

Plastic Scrap Recycling Machine
Beston Plastic Scrap Recycling Machine

Both of the byproducts can be used as fuels for burning. In addition, plastic pyrolysis oil can be also further refined to diesel or gasoline. The carbon black can be used for construction bricks with clay. They are both in high demand and bring a lot of benefits for you!

Plastic Pyrolysis Process for Batch types 

Putting the plastics waste into reactor and then use coal, charcoal, wood, LPG etc. as materials to heat the reactor. When the temperature reaches about 250-280 degrees, there will be oil gas generating. Then the oil gas will be cooling down by the condenser, it would be liquefied and go into the oil tank. If there is some gas that cannot be liquefied under the normal pressure, and they will be designed to go back to combustion system through safety device.  The combustible gas can be recycled to heat the reactor as fuel, which will save energy for the whole working process.

BLJ-6 plastic recycling pyrolysis plant
3D Batch plastic recycling pyrolysis plant

Continuous Pyrolysis Process Description:

Pre-treated scrap plastics will be conveyed to the moving horizontal pyrolysis reactor through feeder system, it start to pyrolysis and oil gas will be generated when temperature up to 500 degrees. Then the oil gas will be cooling down by spray cooling system, it would be liquefied, go into the oil tank. And at the same time, some un-condensed gas come into hot air circulation heating system by secondary fire retardant damper, it will be recycled for heating reactor as gas material. Exhaust gas go to the strong spray de-dusting system for removing pollution, then let environmental gas go to the air. The pyrolysis slag emissions and recycled through second sealed discharging system.


We offer six types of pyrolysis plastic recycling plant to meet the clients’ different demands. They are BLJ-06, BLJ-10, BLL-16, BLL-30,40,50. And their daily handing capacity ranges from 6 tons to 20 tons. The followings are their detailed parameter information:

Model: BLJ-6
Daily capacity: 6 MT
Working method: Batch
Total power: 24 kw/h
Reactor size: D2.2*L5.1m

BLJ-10 pyrolysis plant
Model: BLJ-10
Daily capacity: 10 MT
Working method: Batch
Total power: 30 kw/h
Reactor size: D2.8*L6.2m

BLL-16 Semi-automatic pyrolysis plant
Model: BLL-16
Daily capacity: 20 MT
Working method: Semi-Continuous
Total power: 54 kw/h
Reactor size: D2.8*L7.1m

Model: BLL-30, BLL-40 , BLL-50
Daily capacity: 30 MT, 40 MT, 50 MT
Working method: Fully continuous
Total power: 53.6, 62, 84(kw/h)
Reactor size: L12.5*W2.2*H2.5

Data BLJ-6 BLJ-10 BLL-16 BLL-30,BLL-40,BLL-50
Daily capacity 6 MT 10 MT 20 MT 30MT,40MT,50MT
Raw material Waste tires,rubber,plastic,oil sludge,medical waste
Working method Batch Semi-Continuous Fully continuous
Operating pressure Constant pressure
Reactor rotate speed 0.4 turn/minute Not rotary type
Total power 24 kw/h 30 kw/h 54 kw/h 53.6,62,84(kw/h)
Reactor size(m) D2.2*L5.1 D2.8*L6.2 D2.8 *L7.1 L12.5*W2.2*H2.5
Space (L*W*H) 20*10*10 m 25*15*10 m 25*15*10 m 20*15*10m,33*15*10m

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