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pyrolysis oil

What is Energy from Waste?

Energy can be recovered from waste by various (very different) technologies. It is important that recyclable material is removed first, and that energy is recovered from what remains from the … More

waste tyre pyrolysis plant in Brazil

Major Methods and Reasons of Recycling Tires

The recycling of scrap tires may be defined under two different categories: using the scrap tires as whole or mechanically modified shapes (in crumps or shredded), chemical decomposition or separation … More

Beston Pyrolysis Plant in Thailand

How Does PyroWater Utilizer Work?

PyroWater utilizer is based on two eminent technologies – Emulsion and Atomization. Emulsion is a process where oil and water are mixed to form and maintain a temporary suspension by … More

BMF-20 carbon black processing machine

How To Profit From Carbon Black

A company that has access to a substantial number of tires might want to consider using pyrolysis to create fuel for their company, or simply make a profit. Another byproduct … More